Heads-up to Hub skaters, we’re going to need your help this summer while the skatepark gets some luvin’. We’re putting mad muscle into repairing, improving, and expanding it, but need skaters to pay close attention to the signs that will appear soon about when it’s safe to skate and when skating it would ruin the new skate surfaces. It’s a big deal – the project will cost thousands of dollars and the Hub crew (Jim, Ryan and Dawn) have been your skatepark slaves, fundraising to make it happen. Skating the new skate surfaces or asphalt before they’re ‘cured’ will ruin them. If anyone skates them when the signs say not to, you’ll get barred from the park for the season which is the opposite of what we want to happen, so have your eyes open and help us make sure the park comes out of construction in perfect shape for all of us.

Here’s what’s up:

We have lots of new features that were given to us by the Town of Hinesburg when they closed their park. We’ll be putting primer on them (it will look like white paint) starting in April. This will protect them from the weather and prepare them for real paint later in the summer.

The current skatepark features need repairs – screws are missing from the metal plates, the memorial mural needs some restoring, and it’ll get primered for painting later in the season.

In early May the current asphalt will get two coats of surface filler, then two coats of Skatemaster, an acrylic mixture that will make it FLAWLESS for skating. This process will take about a week, and the surface CAN’T BE SKATED WHILE IT HAPPENS. Help us plan an alternative to skating at this time, email ideas to thehub@gmavt.net.

After the old asphalt is surface-coated, we’ll start painting the park features to match it.

The town approved the “construction,” so we’ll extend the skatepark asphalt toward the main road about 70 feet. It will be as wide as the skatepark is now. This asphalt can’t be skated for about a week while it cures or it won’t stay smooth. The dirt that gets moved to put gravel down before spreading the asphalt will get moved over near the Hub where the cars park and the bonfires are, giving us a fun new landscaped windbreak.

Thirty days after the new asphalt gets put down it will get the same Skatemaster coating that the old asphalt gets in early May. The whole park will become AMAZING to skate. The new surface has to cure for a week, just like when it was applied to the old asphalt.

After the Skatemaster coating is dry on the new asphalt, we’ll get help from someone with a forklift (know anyone?) to move the new Hinesburg ramps and fun box, which is in pieces right now, over to the new area, and drop some of the new outdoor tables around the park (they’re mostly in front of the Hub right now).

By the time the Screaming For Change festival happens at the Hub on the July 3-4 weekend, we should have a NEW skatepark!