Chilly Nights


What a treat it was to have summer-like weather for nearly a month now. Luckily the plants at The Hub Garden Project are mostly inside, because those chilly winter temperatures are coming back lately these evenings. Posted is a picture of our plot at the moment. All of the plants are tucked in under row-cover to keep the plants a little bit warmer as the cool nights continue. Under the covers includes mostly hardy crops including beets, carrots, spinach, mixed greens, radishes, white turnips, and cauliflower. Most of those crops would do just fine in colder temperatures, but covering them takes a bit of stress away and will help the crops to be abundant earlier in the season.

As the season progresses and temperatures rise again, it will be very exciting to share more information on what is going on in the garden. Keep looking out for opportunities to get involved. Always feel free to contact us if you have experience to share or thirst for knowledge about growing your own food.

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