Exciting New Programs on the Horizon

After a fun and productive meeting with Kathy Anderson and Laura Colero from ANESU food services, we are excited to be launching a collaborative cooking program during Summer break. Once a week Laura will be joining us to take a walk through the garden and see what fun ingredients we can make into a meal for all Hub participants and anyone else that would like to share a meal with us. We will devise a plan and gather other food items and reconvene on Thursday for our cooking class.

This means that we have lots of fun activities to participate in at the Hub. Mondays and Wednesdays send your kids, or join us yourselves to harvest fresh food from the garden. We will be learning the process of growing your own food and then bringing it right into the kitchen. Which brings us to Thursday when you all can come cook with us or send your children who have a passion for cooking to come help us out. This program gives us a great opportunity to see the rewards of our own efforts and then share it with our friends in the community.

Keep us in mind if you have any kitchen supplies that you might want to donate. We could use:



*Food Processor

*Good quality sharp kitchen knives.

We will also need some outdoor gear to help us harvest on the rainy days. Help us out by donating gently used:

*Rain coats

*Rubber boots.

Thank you all, as always. We are continuously taking in donations of beautiful mature plant starts thanks to a supportive community member. We are also getting lots of hands in the garden to help make it what it is. The Hub Garden Project would not exist without the help of this community and their youth. We cannot wait to start giving it back.

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