House Rules

The Front Yard

The basic house rules are:

No Hate.
No Violence.
No Drugs.
RESPECT. (Yourself, Others and The Hub).

Everyone who comes inside The Bristol Hub signs a promise that says

The Hub Staff promise to make The Hub a safe place to hang out in, and to make it better and better all the time. To do that they made this agreement that helps me understand what the rules are at The Hub.

To come to The Hub I have to make a promise to help keep it a safe and comfortable place.

By signing this paper, I promise that I will:

Always respect the building and the people and things in it;

I will never threaten or cause violence to anyone and will never purposefully hurt someone else’s feelings;

I will never throw anything inside the building;

I will never use hate speech (the N-word, “fag,” and words like them);

I will never steal anything from anybody or The Hub;

I will never damage The Hub or Recreation Field or act like I might damage it;

I will clean up after myself;

I will always get permission and sign-out the Hub things that I want to borrow and will return them or have to replace them;

I will never smoke cigarettes, do drugs or have alcohol on the Recreation Field property, which I know is everything inside the fence, including The Hub, the skatepark, Big Red, the skating rink, dugouts, and ball fields;

I will ALWAYS listen to the Hub’s staff the first time they say or ask anything and understand that whatever they say is the rule because they run it;

I understand that if I break any part of this promise I will lose the privilege of coming into the Hub or onto the Recreation Field, including the skatepark, Big Red, and the skating rink. I understand that the Hub Staff will not let me in the building if break this promise.


Below is a list of The Hub’s policies and procedures. For us, maintaining clear and fair rules – and upholding those rules – is paramount for maintaining a safe and respectful environment. Though our policies below will be followed in every instance, we also recognize that each case has a story to it and is unique and we are always willing to have the teens defend themselves before we make any punitive motions. Though we value rules and the reasons they are created, there is nothing more important to us than communicating compassionately and productively with our teens and community.


The Hub serves youth and teens age 12-19. The Hub serves as a community center, making its resources, (including the bathroom) available to visitors and to groups for meetings.

Language and general conduct:

Teens on the skatepark and inside The Hub are expected to behave respectfully of each other and the public, including our neighbors. The staff interacts with teens at The Hub, modeling behavior and coaching kids through errors in judgement relating to behavior and language. Bad language – on the skatepark or inside The Hub – results in the choice to leave the building or grounds OR do pushups (the F-bomb results in ten pushups).


The Hub and Hub grounds have a Zero Tolerance policy for substances including alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and tobacco products of any kind (e-cigarettes, vapes, juuls et. al)  . This policy extends to all substances both on-person and already ingested. Below are our Hub-specific policies and terms regarding this issue, and must be carried out to the full extent before one can return to The Hub, without exception. Our policies are in addition to any consequences provided by law.

Anyone caught or suspected of dealing drugs is immediately banned from The Hub and skatepark and is reported to parents and law enforcement. The ban is permanent until, while in police presence, the party identifies themselves as a (former) dealer and identifies their supplier. Once they’ve completed this step there will be a six-month ban during which they must complete:

40 hours of community service at The Hub
20 hours of community service for the Town Of Bristol through the Recreation Department

Anyone caught with drugs (not dealing) is banned for four weeks and parents and the Bristol Police Department will be notified immediately. Before returning they must name their supplier, which can be done anonymously to the staff or police. Once they have done this, they must complete:

10 hours of community service at The Hub
2 hours of community services for the Town of Bristol through the Recreation Department


Anyone caught smoking on Hub grounds is banned for two weeks; their parents notified, and they are issued a civil violation ticket if under age 18. Teens caught smoking either on Hub grounds or the Recreation Field grounds will have to complete the following before returning:

5 hours of community service at The Hub
1 hour of community service for the Town of Bristol through the Recreation Department


There is no place for violence at The Hub. The Hub exists to serve as a melting pot for all different walks of life to share their experiences and interests with others. Due to this versatility, frictions from time to time may occur, but should serve as learning experiences. In the case of violence or a fight, the police will be immediately called and the parents notified. Each party will have a 14 day ban from The Hub. Both parties must talk privately in the presence of Hub staff and end the conversation with a handshake before either party may return. If one party is willing to talk while the other party refuses, the willing party will still be granted admittance to The Hub. This rule also extends to those who make threats of violence. The following must also be completed upon return:

5 hours of community service at The Hub
1 hour of community service for the Town of Bristol through the Recreation Department


Intentional damage of The Hub or its structures results in a 30-day ban and repair of what was broken immediately. Police and parents will be notified and we will pursue the law to its fullest extent. The consequences listed below are considered bare minimum and are subject to change. The more extensive the damage, the more severe the consequence.

10 hours of community service completed at The Hub
2 hours of community service completed for the Town of Bristol through the Recreation Department

Gang affiliation:

Although we don’t perceive The Hub or Bristol to have any “gang” related issues, anyone we come to understand to be affiliated with gangs will be permanently banned until they sever ties with the gang.

Skipping school:

The Hub is open early to teens who are not required to be in school (seniors with free blocks, participants in the Catamount program during lunch, etc.). The Hub staff has a generally good understanding of where our teens should be, and always asks if teens are skipping class. Anyone caught skipping school to hang out at The Hub is banned for two weeks.

Use of kitchen:

Hublings are expected to clean up after themselves, do their dishes, and be safe and respectful of the kitchen space. The stove may not be used for frying with oil.

Borrowing Hub equipment:

The Hub makes an effort to provide skateboards, helmets, scooters, balls, frisbees, and other fun gear for our teens’ enjoyment and expects their safe return. Safety equipment is required when using The Hub’s skateboards (helmets are provided). Equipment is loaned overnight occasionally so teens who do not own skateboards can enjoy trips to other skateparks, but this depends strictly on our experience with each teen and our faith in the reliable return of the equipment.

Safety on the skatepark:

The skatepark operates with a ‘skate at your own risk’ rule. Without a fence, it is open during unsupervised hours, and supervision is limited to the hours the Hub is staffed. The side of the skatepark closest to the main road (with open space and smaller ramps) is considered to be for beginners and children. The older side of the skatepark closer to the Hub building (with the larger ramps and more complex features) is meant for use by more experienced skaters. Skaters are expected to cooperate and not endanger each other; this is standard skatepark culture and is widely practiced. The skatepark is open to skateboarders, scooters, BMX bikes, rollerblades, Ripstiks, and snowboards. Yes, snowboards.


Music events:

The Hub infrequently hosts live music events that are co-coordinated by Hub teens. Teens learn production and promotion skills with the support of Hub staff and present music that appeals to themselves and other youth. Events are predominantly oriented toward music subcultures that have a positive message and reflect healthy social and lifestyle worldviews. Music events are supervised by a minimum of three Hub staff. All tobacco and substance rules are in effect during music performances. Bands are not penalized for using mature language, which is anticipated but not ubiquitous. The Hub staff patrols the parking area, skatepark, and Recreation Field outbuildings during concerts and intermissions. The Hub’s legal capacity is 99 and is strictly enforced.

Video games:

The Hub has an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a Virtual Reality system. Games are available to play that the Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated T (Teen) or M (Mature, 17+), for content that is violent. No games are played that have sexual or audible mature language content. No AO (Adults Only) games are present. Networked gaming is monitored for language; Hub language policies are strict. For more information about ESRB ratings, visit