Yesterday’s presentation on PUNK RAWK went incredibly well…


First of all, Max and Jamie were great. They were funny, smart, compelling–everything that good presenters should be… and more! (No wonder they teach at Middlebury, ha.)

Max Ward!

Jamie McCallum!

Max and Jamie!

Max and Jamie together!

They talked about their own experiences with punk music and culture as well as giving a overview of some super influential punk bands and songs.

Everyone was super into it.

The presentation, like I said, went extremely well and we’re amped that we were able to host such an interactive and informative brain-growin’ session.

Group photo!

After the presentation came to a close, Max and Jamie spent some time on the half pipe. Although both presenters were equally well-versed in all things punk, Max’s knowledge of skateboarding (both theory and practice) was far greater than Jamie’s. Watching the latter stand on a skateboard was like watching a baby deer try to stand for the first time. Just Kidding! Maybe.

Jamie's inaugural attempt!

In his defense, Jamie had never skated before. Max, however, tore it up. Check out the video:


All in all, it was a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully Max and Jamie aren’t strangers to our grounds! (If nothing else, Jamie needs to practice his skating…)

A great time was had by all!

Tomorrow at 3:30…


The Hub will be hosting a presentation on PUNK RAWK led by two ex-rockers (and current Middlebury College professors), Max Ward (he has a wikipedia page, check it– and Jamie McCallum.

Don't recognize this picture? Come tomorrow and get informed!

There will be FREE food and refreshments.

All ages.

Hope to see you there!

The Hub’s starting up a rugby team!!!


RUGBY RUGBY RUGBY. WHO WANTS TO PLAY??? The Hub is officially starting up a co-ed side that’ll play teams from all over Vermont. The team’s affordable, has flexible scheduling (it’s fine if you play another sport!!!), and is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 19. Who wants in??

First practice is this Monday, the 7th, at 4:30. Meet at The Hub.

No experience necessary.

All you need is a pair of cleats and a mouthguard.

Have questions?? Stop in (M-F, 10-6), Call us (453-3678), or send us an email (

Rugby, btw, celebrates all body types and athletic abilities. Never played a sport before??? No problem. Play rugby. ***You’ll be a great at it.***

Try awarded!


Rugby, by many people, is considered to be a brutal sport. In a few respects they are correct, but in most they are patently wrong. Rugby is built on mutual respect and community; if a person plays rugby they will assuredly have a vast and vibrant community of friends for the rest of their life. Ruggers respect each other. This is an inarguable truth. And as a result of this respect we do our best to not harm members of the other teams during competition. We tackle safely. We fall correctly. The “brutality” of rugby begins and ends with the unprotected tackling for which it has become famous.

The sense of community that makes rugby surprisingly safe is also the reason why such a beautiful sport. To play on a rugby team is to find family and inclusion.

There is no correct body type for a rugby team. People of all shapes and sizes are welcome (and encouraged) to play. Unlike other sports, where certain body types prevail, people of all shapes and sizes are necessary to make a rugby team flourish. In order to succeed, a team needs agile, lithe wings as well as big, bruising props. And all of these different people (and subsequent body types) need to work together in order to win. Fifteen as one. There aren’t superstars, just a cohesive machine made up of different (and equally necessary) parts.

The inclusiveness of the sport is, to me, the primary reason why it’s such a necessary addition to the patchwork of activities already available to Addison County residents. Rugby is an easy way to boost the self-esteem of someone who has been told for the entirety of forever that they’re not an athlete and that they don’t belong. It is an incredible way for someone to increase their sense of bodily pride and their overall self-image. I can’t stress enough how important all body types (and personalities) are to the sport. At the end of the day, too, there’s that sense of community I was talking about before. On the field, for 80 minutes, opposing teams are bitter rivals. As soon the game finishes, regardless of who wins and who doesn’t, everyone is family. This can be incredibly important for someone—particularly a youth—who’s looking for a sense of belonging.

For these reasons (and many more) it’s worth looking into the sport (and this opportunity to play it) or passing the message along to someone who could benefit from it.

Spidey Eats Pizza…what?!


Join us today for pizza donated by the wonderful Cubbers and a movie, “The Amazing Spiderman”!!!!

Starts at 3:00

See you then!

Who wants to play rugby???


The Hub’s starting up a team. 19 and below. Co-ed. No experience necessary. Want in? More information? Contact us!


Phone: 453-3678

Or walk in and talk to us. Monday-Friday, 10-6 PM.


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