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Bryson Knight donates a BMX bike to The HUB! Thank you so much!

Think you’re up to the challenge?!?


This Friday text your driving skills while driving a golf kart at The Hub for an anti-texting and driving driving course!!! Let’s see how good you are!

One of the greats.


For the last 2 years, The Hub had the honor, privilege, and the daily blessing to have Bolton Littlefield among our ranks. Bolton was a perfect employee that interacted with the teens flawlessly. We wish them nothing but a blessed life as they pursue their career on “Sesame Street” replacing one of the Yip Yips. TMZ reports that Bolton is set to wed “The Hunger Game’s” character Haymitch. God speed Bolton, we love you. (DBDBDBD)

CAB minutes


Notes for the Bristol Hub’s C.A.B. meeting on September 11th.

Meeting starts at 6:05PM

In attendance, Ryan Krushenick, Chuck, Darla Senecal, John Kromer.

Ryan Starts with updates from the The Hub following introductions.
Ryan states the following:
Today was CB’s (Claire Bolton Littlefield) last day. They will be sorely missed and left on great terms and will be very missed by the staff and teens.

James Lockridge, the former Hub director will be stepping in as a temporary employee to fill CB’s shoes for awhile. The teens seem very excited about this.

I have held 4 interviews for our Americorps position (special note, at the time this is posted this number will be 5) And we are confident we find a strong candidate.

We have reached out to one candidate named Jasmine, very strong and bright prospect.

We are currently hiring to replace CB’s position, we have adds on our website, Craigslist, and in the Addison.

(A new person walks in to join meeting. Introduces themselves as Trish Lafayette)

(Samara Cole representing CSAC now joins the meeting, is referred to as Mrs. America, we all laugh with her.)

Ryan: continues talking about how he plans to continue the summer programming into the fall and winter season. He will be in touch with John Egan at Sugarbush about possible trips.

Trish: Asks about how “Lock in” over nighters work and inquires about the position open at The Hub, and suggests an applicant discussing that they are a strong presence for positivity.

Trish: Explains what brought her back to Bristol and that preventing substance abuse is a passion of hers.

Chuck: Explains to Trish what the role of the CAB board is, that it has no executive power and makes no decisions for The Hub but functions as a means for the community to be involved with their local programs.

Ryan: Wisks himself away into a daydream world, aware that he misses CB and that taking notes and running a meeting simultaneously is near impossible.

Darla: Tells Trish to visit www.bristolskatepark.com for updates on the policies of The Hub.

Trish: Asks about community members abilities to create programming within The Hub and how to fund raise.

Ryan: Announces that the VT DOL (Dept. Of Labor) is interested in giving Derek Jackson a job through them to be placed at The Hub. This would be Derek’s first job and every is really excited abut this possibility.

Ryan+Chuck: Discuss what the bathroom needs, and that the plan for it needs to be more than “just paint”. Chuck offers to come up with a plan with Ryan, that they will discuss at a different time.

Ryan: Tells the board that the 19th there will be an AT&T anti-texting and driving campaign at The Hub where teens can drive a golf kart around the parking lot within cones marked for “out of bounds”. They will then do the route again while texting. This is open to anyone who has a driver’s permit or license.

Darla: the 27th is Harvest Fest and they are looking for young teen center volunteers. Ryan suggests Derek Jackson who is the Hub teen juggernaut that came in 2nd last year in the pie eating contest.

Trish: Mentions that Bristol Friends of the Arts is open for another grant cycle.

Ryan: Wants to find a means to get a NEW laptop for The Hub that will focus on video editing and the teens having their own YouTube channel.

Chuck: Recalls a conversation with Chuck Larose and suggests The Hub keeps up it’s PR push in letting the public know what’s happening in there.

He goes on to mention we have a new lock, Chuck has a personal code to get inside and discusses being able to set up codes for others and keeping them on file to increase Hub security and usability

Samara: States that Csac is determined to help and assist The Hub

Chuck: Inquires about expanding The Hub CAB mailing list.

Meeting ends: 7:05



Today is pizza and movie day. WE LOVE CUBBERS

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