Join the Hub Workout Club!

Are you tired all of the time? Uncomfortable in your skin? Want to start your journey to fitness before summer starts?

workoutJoin the Hub Workout Club!

This 4 week program, running from May 1st – June 1st, is open to all teens. Participants have the option to take part in a 30 minute workout every afternoon at the Hub.

Anyone who participates in at least 3 workouts a week for all 4 weeks can come with us to a celebratory BEACH PARTY/BBQ!

Sign up here:

Thanks to the 5TFA!

Artist Matt Carroll painting a mural at Talent Skatepark in South Burlington, Vermont
Artist Matt Carroll, who has been commissioned to paint the murals at the Hub, pictured here painting a mural at Talent Skatepark in South Burlington, Vermont.

The 5 Town Friends of the Arts, a Bristol-based nonprofit that seeks to support and facilitate the appreciation of arts in our region, has generously awarded the Hub a grant to support the Hub Indoor Art Project and Healthy Futures Outdoor Art Initiative!

This amazing grant will facilitate the painting of two new murals at the Hub – one on our expanse of new sheetrock on the interior west wall of the Hub, and one on the back of the half-pipe creating a sign for the Hub’s garden.   Continue reading “Thanks to the 5TFA!”

Wintertime Means… Planning for Spring!


The ground may not quite be frozen, the snow not quite yet a-fallin’, but it is still wintertime, which means planning time for the garden. Weeds have been pulled and the kale still looks good – feel free to stop by with your teen to grab a leaf or two.

Hub garden layout plan
Our first-draft garden plan includes 35 different kinds of vegetables plus herbs, edible flours, and pest-repellent blooms.


The Hub’s soil tests are back from the UVM extension with pleasant results. The soil is rich in nutrients, and should only need a little bit of nitrogen this year to get it in tip-top shape.

The south end of the garden has excessive phosphorus levels, so we’re looking at putting some soybeans, edamame, and a three-sisters garden (corn, pole beans, and winter squash, plus potatoes) in that end — all of these plants love a little extra phosphorus and are great nitrogen fixers.

Check out our full first-draft garden plan, and please feel free to send along any helpful tips for the layout, comments, or suggestions! So far the garden plan includes 35 different kinds of vegetables, squashes, and melons, plus a plethora of herbs, edible flowers, and pest-repellent blooms.