Hub Update 10/15/2018 – 10/19/2018

Last week at the Hub we had 36 individual youth generate a total of 75 logins over the course of five days. An average of 15 logins per day.

During that same week in 2017, we had 43 logins over the course of the week (generated by 27 individual youth) which was an average of 8.6 logins per day.

Here’s how those numbers break down by town and gender served.

Even with Mt. Abe having a day off (Friday) this week, we still managed to have a lot of fun and a lot going on!
Firstly, we’re well past the number of logins we had from last October (in 2017, we had 215 logins during this month… as of the end of this week, we are currently at 260 logins for the month with a week and a half left to go). We are seeing new faces weekly and are excited to start tabling for the Hub during school lunches once a month, which should help even further!

We were planning on having Police Chief Bruce Nason visiting the Hub on Wednesday to engage in an event called “Interrogate The Chief” where youth are able to ask him questions and learn about his work – however, Bruce was unable to attend due to various work related surprises, so we will be rescheduling this event ASAP.

Our partnerships with Sweet Clover Market and HOPE officially started this week and kids were loving the food we provided.

Derek, Evan, and Ulysses enjoying Breakfast for Dinner on Monday

Matt and Tierney, as always, THRILLED about Taco Tuesday

Kas, Alex, Gwen, and Derek enjoy a game of Apples to Apples

Kayden, Alex, and Chase enjoying a card game

Kayden, Alex, and Brian spent about an hour putting the finishing touches on an outside wall of the Hub that needed repainting on Friday

Finished product!

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