Hub Update 9/3/2018 – 9/7/2018

Hi folks,

We had a fantastic (but short, thanks to Labor Day) week at the teen center. Below you’ll find some numbers and a synopsis of the week!


Throughout the week, youth accessed the teen center a total of 57 times (an average of 14.25 per day). During the same week in 2017, we had only 46 logins.



Over the week we worked hard on updating some portions of the Hub, especially our composting abilities. Alex built a brand new composter (which not only looks amazing but should also function much better than our previous solution). We scraped peeling paint off of the front of the building and primed in preparation to ask the Bristol Recreation Club to fund the purchase of paint for the exterior of the building.
Inside, youth enjoyed many snacks (and full meals) provided to them. We had a lot of skateboarding activity this week as well, both inside on our halfpipe and outside on the skate park. I am putting together an account management server for the computers we have at the teen center, not only to make them more accessible to teens but also to have better control over how much the teens are using the internet and what type of content they could potentially access.
We’re looking into options of reducing waste produced by the teen center. In addition to more effective composting and recycling, we’re looking into our options regarding buying produce locally as much as possible (and potentially a few other items, as well) to not only have more truly fresh food at the teen center, but to also re-invest the money we spend on food locally rather than a regional chain store.
Additionally, I met with Zoe Kaslow (director of the Middlebury Teen Center) and Jill Strube (director of the Vergennes Boys & Girls Club) as we are planning to every month from now on. We shared ideas, news, and more with each other and we all are looking forward to vibrant collaborations as we move forward. One fantastic idea is that with our combined attendances and supporters, we may be able to track down larger grants that will benefit all of us and have much more successful fundraisers.


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